7 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe When Traveling

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to worry about scary “what ifs” that could happen when we’re out in public with our children or traveling with them.  But since it’s not a perfect world, it’s better to be prepared.

1. Name and number.  Teach your children to recite their first and last name and your phone number as soon as they are old enough.  They’ll need this information in case you become separated. You can also use our Safety printable.

2. Take a picture.  Before you head out, take a photo of your child with your phone.  This way, if you did get separated, you would be able to tell authorities what your child was wearing, and they would be able to get a visual on what your child looks like.

3. Whistle.  This may seem a little odd, but have small children wear a whistle around their neck.  If they can’t see you, or lose you in a crowd, they can blow their whistle.  You can even teach older children a whistle signal.  You can also wear a whistle to blow to help your children find you.  Kind of like the locater on your car’s key. Or like in the Sound of Music have a family whistle.  Teach your kids to whistle and choose a trill.

4. Write it.  Use a permanent marker to write your phone number on your child’s arm, under his sleeve.

5. Meeting place.  If your children are old enough, agree on a meeting place in case you get separated.

6. Safe helpers.  Tell your children that if they do get separated from you, they should ask for help from a mom with children, an employee, or a security guard or police officer.

7. Stick together. Go with your children to the restroom, the toy department, or the concession stand.  To give them a bit more freedom, let them go alone, only if you can see them.

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