8 Family Movies

Movie tastes can vary, even within families, but the list below should have a little something for everyone.

1. El Cid / 1961

This new release on DVD should especially capture the attention of boys nine and up. There are, as one reviewer described it, some stunning battle scenes in the movie, which is based on historical events that took place in 11th century Spain. Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren star. You also might want to consider another movie in this genre that also stars Heston, Ben-Hur.

2. The Sword and the Stone / Disney, 1963

If your son (12 and under) is into pirates, knights or adventure, this movie is right up his alley. Girls under the age of eight will also like this cartoon story of a young King Arthur.

3. Blackbeard’s Ghost / Disney, 1968

A silly but fun story about an accidental visit from Blackbeard’s ghost. Another adventure story, best understood by children ages seven and older.

4.That Darn Cat! / Disney, 1965

The original version is a fun movie for boys and girls of all ages. If you have a cat lover in your house, he or she will really enjoy this film.

5. Flipper / 1963

This is the movie on which the 1960s TV show was based. A sweet-natured story about a Florida boy who befriends a dolphin.

6. Neptune‘s Daughter / 1949

If you’ve never seen any of the old Esther Williams swimming movies, do yourself a favor and dive right in! These films are colorful, musical and fun – especially for girls ages four and up. Other Esther Williams movies include On and Island With You and Million Dollar Mermaid.

7. Roman Holiday / 1954

Audrey Hepburn stars in this funny and fairytale-like movie about a princess who wants to be a normal girl. If your daughter likes this one, check out the original Sabrina, also starring Audrey Hepburn.

8. Bridge on the River Kwai / 1957

One reviewer described it as a war movie that focuses on individuals, not on the war itself. Set in a WWII prison camp, this epic should find an audience among the 11 and up set in your home.

What movie would you add?