8 Signs Moms are Doing Great Without Even Realizing It

encouragement for moms

I’ve gone through a few jobs in my life: babysitter, tutor, piano teacher, engineer, to name a few. Some I loved, others not so much, but I worked hard at each one with varying levels of success. Motherhood, though, is a unique experience, because it is the one “job” where we cannot fail. It is up to us to raise these children who have been entrusted to us and do it well. And some days—most days—that feels like a daunting task.

It is no wonder moms often feel inadequate. The demands of parenting are weighty. But let me just encourage you that you are doing a great job. In fact, sometimes the biggest signs of a great mom are the easiest to miss.  Here is some of our best encouragement for moms.

1. You are exhausted…

because you are working hard. It is no small task to wake up in the night with an infant, potty-train a toddler, or deal with adolescent drama. I have yet to find a stage of parenting that isn’t draining on some level.

2. You make mistakes…

because you are teaching them real life. Few experiences are more humbling than asking forgiveness from a toddler, but it is so important. They need to see that you are not perfect, that you accept responsibility for your mistakes, and that you are willing to apologize. This sets a far better example for them than constantly trying to be perfect.

3. Your children make mistakes…

because, well, they will. And teaching them how to deal with their mistakes is part of our job. Let your kids see that their choices may have consequences, but that you will always love them. {Tweet This} Because, of course, you will.

4. You make them do chores…

because you are teaching them to be responsible. They will not always be little, and you are preparing them for adulthood by teaching them life isn’t always about playing.

5. You let them out of their chores…

because you are teaching them life is about more than just work. I know this seems contradictory to the previous point, but isn’t that life, too? You need a little balance.

6. You miss out on fun things with friends…

because your family is your priority. We’ve all had moments of frustration over a missed moms’ night because a sick kid or school play comes first. Somewhere in the recesses of their minds, though, our kids see those choices and know they are loved.

7. You take time for yourself…

because being a happier person makes you a better mom. Yes, sometimes we have to miss out on things we would like to do. But self-care is important, too, and it’s okay to leave Dad with a fussy baby or put the kids to bed early for a bubble bath or do whatever it is that restores your soul and sanity.

8. You feel guilty…

because you care. You want the best for them, and that is not always easily discernable. If my child hates baseball after three weeks, should I make him finish the season or let him quit? If kids are arguing, should I step in or let them sort it out? Public, private, or homeschool? Our days are full of endless decisions, and what’s right for one family isn’t always right for the next.

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. But if you are loving your kids and seeking the best for them, you are on the right track.

You’ve got this, Mom.

When do you feel like you’re doing a great job?



    Thanks for the encouragement. Motherhood has often been called a “thankless job.” While I disagree with that, I can understand why people say it. The point is doing the best you can with the tools and abilities you have. As long as we don’t give up. That’s where iMom comes in to save us from ourselves. Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom.

  • Thank you! I almost didn’t read today’s blog and I’m glad I did. Thank you for the encouragement!