9 Foods to Avoid

We’re often told not to label foods as “bad” or “good.”  Well, a new study shows that there are some foods that come pretty close to earning that “bad” label, even when eaten in moderation.  The study, done by researchers at Harvard, followed the eating habits of a group of women for more than 10 years.

They found that these foods add weight over the years, more than other food.  This weight gain was bad for the heart and led to more risk for diabetes and breast cancer.  So, we might want to all think twice before eating too many of these foods on a regular basis:

  1. French Fries / Women who ate these had the greatest weight gain over time.
  2. Potato Chips / French fries’ cousin.
  3. Sugar-sweetened drinks / But, wait, even if you drink diet drinks, they’re no great substitute either.
  4. Red meats and processed meats / Fewer burgers and fewer lunch meat meals.
  5. Sweets and desserts / But, chocolate is still okay.
  6. Refined grains / These are carbs that are stripped of nutrients.
  7. Fried foods / I guess onion rings, fried chicken and other greasy foods are out.
  8. 100 percent fruit juice / Yes, juice can be good for you in small amounts, but women who drink lots of juices are missing out on the benefits of whole fruits.  And, juice is high in natural sugar content.
  9. Butter / Butter is better than margarine, but too much butter in the diet is not that good.

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