99 Fun Conversation Starters for Kids

conversation starters for kids

The slower pace of summer makes it the perfect time to talk more with your children. So grab those opportunities when you can, and use our 99 fun conversation starters for kids to get them talking. When you ask them the questions you’ll find out about your children’s dreams, what makes them happy, what makes them laugh – and lots more.

Once you get started, you should have more than enough conversation starters to ask your children one every day of summer. So share them creatively, with summer style. Put one in a sealed plastic bag, and freeze it in a bowl of water. Hide one in the water hose and ask your children to check the nozzle before they turn it on. Or put one in a waterproof container and drop it in the pool.

Ask away, and have fun learning more about your child!

Let’s Talk: How do you get your children to open up and talk to you?