A Compliment Bouquet for Mother’s Day

This is a sweet and fun way for your children to share why they love mom. Mom doesn’t have to be the only recipient of a compliment bouquet! These are great for grandparents, teachers, and Dad, too! And if your wanting more creative gift ideas for mom, then check out our Printable Mother’s Day Cards or 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mom List.

Moms, keep the compliment bouquet forever. The roses will die, but there will be stressful days you will need to see how much you are loved!

Note: Use as many flowers as you like. Just make sure you have enough compliment slips for each rose. We used two dozen in this bouquet!

compliment bouquet step 1
Step One: Start out with two empty vases, twelve slips of paper, and a dozen roses.
compliment bouquet step 2
Step Two: Have your children write twelve total compliments for mom (Dad can help younger children). Attach to colorful paper. Place all slips in one of the  empty vases.
compliment bouquet step 3
Step Three: Have mom pick out a compliment  slip.
compliment bouquet step 4
Step Four: Mom reads aloud the compliment and places into the first vase.
compliment bouquet step 5
Step Five: The child that wrote the compliment that was read aloud, steps forward and gives mom a rose.
compliment bouquet step 7
Step Six : Mom places in it the second vase. Repeat steps 3-5 until all compliment slips are given to mom and she has a bouquet of compliments and a bouquet of roses!