A Fun Way to Cheer Up our Kids

how to cheer up

I often tell my children that hugs are healthy and that hugs can actually make you feel better when you’re down. One of our jobs as mothers is to teach our children coping skills. So I want to share a creative way to cheer up your child. As our kids see us using ideas like this to bounce back against life’s disappointments, they’ll find creative ways in their own life to cope.

Here’s how this one works…

Write Them A Message

When you know your child is sad or down about something, grab a few sheets of blank paper. On the first one write, “Had a bad day? Come this way!” and tape it to a wall where your child will see it. Write messages on the other sheets of paper and hang them to lead your child to you or your husband. They can say things like, “Get ready! Hugs ahead!” Or, just draw a sad face then an arrow pointing to a smiley face. When your child gets to the end, have a sign that says, “Hugs Here.”

Help Them Move On

Next, have your child write down what happened to make her sad. Or, she can write down angry words or sad words that describe how she feels. Read that list with your child, tear it into pieces, and put the pieces into a glass of water. As the paper dissolves, talk to your child about sad feelings. Tell her that it helps to share feelings with someone who cares about her, and by doing so, it helps those feelings leave her mind and body. If you’re a family of faith, you can pray with your child and ask God to help her.

We won’t always be physically present for our children as they grow up, so teaching them self-coping skills, and showing them the power of love to restore joy will serve them well as children and adults.

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Tell us! What do you do to cheer up your kids when they are down?