A Game Changer in Parental Control with Apple’s iOS 8

ios parental controls

Sometime this Fall, Apple will release their iOS 8 software for their mobile and tablet devices. The part that will have the most impact on you is the new Family Sharing feature. Not only will it allow you to be organized as a family but it will also offer you more parental control. If you had issues in the past with your kids downloading inappropriate apps or excessive spending, your phone will now get a notification asking for your permission to download. What a game changer! It’s encouraging to see Apple assisting in the technology battle of parenting. There are many other features such as family calendar and photo sharing. To get the details, read this article about iOS 8.

Family Sharing.

You now no longer need the same Apple ID to share books, music, or movies on your device. Up to six people can share purchases from iTunes making it more convenient and it allows you to save money on purchases.

Family Photo Album.

You can now make collecting and sharing family memories much easier. In your photo album, it will now set up a family photo stream to share all of your photos and comments. So instead of wondering if you’ll ever see the pictures from your last vacation, your photos will automatically upload to the photo stream and stay in sync on everyone’s devices.

Family Calendar.

Instead of wondering when the next ball game or recital is, a family calendar will now be included to keep everyone up to speed. There will even be reminders you can set up to appear on everyone’s phone. No more being the last one to pick up your child after practice!

Location Sharing.

Wonder where your kids are or if your husband is on his way home from work? Location sharing is now built in to Family Sharing so you can have a surprise meet up or keep tabs on your kids.

Lost Devices.

With the “Find My iPhone” app you can now use other family members’ devices to find the lost one.  If you’re a mom who constantly loses her phone, your husband can now use his phone to locate yours.

Parental Control.

This one is huge for the parents! Now, before your child purchases an app you will get a request asking for your permission with the title and price of the app. Thank you Apple!

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