A Simple But Powerful Prayer for Your Marriage


simple but powerful prayers

There are times in our marriage when we feel like so much is wrong, it seems like it will take years to unravel the mess and get back to something good. When we’re stuck in that mental mire, it’s hard to believe that something simple could actually turn things around. But the power of prayer can.

In the new movie War Room coming on August 28ththe main character is doing her best to be a good wife, a good mother, a good worker, and a good sister. But even with all of those good intentions, she is struggling. The friction in her marriage is not only affecting her relationship with her husband, it’s draining the joy out of every area of her life. She responds to her situation with anger, frustration, and sadness… until she meets an elderly woman who gives her hope and changes her life.

This older woman teaches the younger woman the power of prayer. Little by little, the younger woman starts to make prayer a bigger part of her life. Eventually, she zeros in on a simple but powerful prayer for her marriage…  Help him love me again, and help me love him. Does that come to pass? Does she love him again and does he love her? I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, so you’ll need to see War Room for yourself.

And if the idea of adding regular prayer to your life seems daunting, be assured that it’s as simple as having a conversation with God. Download our 30 Day Family Prayer Challenge to get started. And when you download the prayer challenge, you’ll be entered to win four tickets to the War Room release on August 28th and a $100 Visa gift card.

Please share how you have handled adversity in your marriage.