A Simple Formula for a Harmonious Holiday

harmonious holiday

Yes, peace on earth would be nice this Christmas, but so would peace at my house! That’s what a friend of mine with young children told me the other day. It’s not easy to experience Christmas peace with kids home from school and underfoot, making messes faster than you can clean them. But you can enjoy your children and your Christmas preparations if you follow our simple formula for a harmonious holiday: Peaceful Kids + Peaceful Home = Harmonious Holiday.

So slow down and enjoy Christmas as the harmonious holiday it should be. Take a look at our  formula.

Peaceful siblings.

First things first: help your kids avoid the fighting. Oftentimes, the majority of our holiday stress comes from the constant bickering, complaining, and fighting between our kids. So this year, take control by posting our sibling rules for your children to see. If they’re too small to read, go over it with them. And before they have the chance to even act like grumpy Grinches, encourage them to be kind to their brothers and sisters with our secret pal cards.

Mannered kids.

Maintain harmony this Holiday season with well-mannered children. Trust us: a little bit of manners can go a long way! And good manners aren’t just for kids with their parents… they’re also a sure way to be kind and welcoming to extended family over the holidays. Teach your kids how to treat aunts, uncles, and grandparents with respect with our 10 Social Manners for Kids.

Managed house.

Between Christmas cookie crumbs, wrapping paper scraps, and a mess of ornaments, an orderly house seems impossible at Christmas time. But making a clean home a priority this Holiday season is sure to make things less stressful. Because an organized home can really help you have a harmonious holiday.  So check out our Rules of the House, and get your kids involved with our holiday helper cards.

And, let us know how you achieve Christmas peace and a harmonious holiday!