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ADHD: Is my child ADHD?

Almost every parent at some point in their child’s life wonders if their child has ADHD. The reality is we all have moments where we find it hard to focus. As a mom, you are your child’s best advocate and if you find yourself pondering this question often, we have some resources that can help.

The ADHD Child: Dr. Walt Larimore, iMOM iSpecialist, lists traits that are seen in children with ADHD.

ADHD and the Brain: Dr. Walt Larimore explores the cause of ADHD.

What is the Genetic Link?: There is increasing evidence from medical studies that genetic factors play a role in ADHD.

How Common is ADHD?: Statistics on the commonality of ADHD.

What is my ADHD child feeling?: read what a seventh grade boy with ADHD was feeling at school.

Suggestions for dealing with ADD: iMOM iSpecialist, Dr. Scott Turanksy, has some helpful ways to parent ADD children.

Discipline and structure for the ADHD child: Here are 18 suggestions to implement when disciplining your ADHD child.

Is ADHD different in Boys and Girls?

Is ADHD associated with risk-taking behaviors?

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