Single Mom & Blended Families

Advice for Moms in the Dating World

Dr. Gary Oliver shares advice for single moms from his own experience as a widow in the dating world.

By: Gary Oliver, Ph.D.

iMOM Contributor

Dr. Gary Oliver has over 30 years experience in individual, premarital, marital and family counseling and for the past 20 years he has had an extensive nationwide teaching ministry.

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  • LivingForMyKids

    We aren’t divorced yet and he hasn’t had our son much since he left at the first of the year. He has a connection with a great friend/employee that started at least a year before I gave up on saving our family. Our kids (20,18) were told “Dad needed to be happy” He didn’t talk to our 11 yr old at all. He claims his friend had nothing to do with us, but he was totally consumed with her and how perfect she is and if the opportunity was there..offered to help pay for her to leave her husband (which she did)..and he moved out shortly after that too. He started papers and I insisted on having them filed. I don’t want our children to think you can be married and date.but enough of that.

    He had the OW keep our son while he was doing some work. Also she brought our son a snack to class and “I don;t even know why Mom” I did talk to my husband about his friend manipulating our kids, she did with our 18 yr old. Tonight our son called before going to bed that he was with her tonight swimming.

    I havent shared anything with kids and feel sure the older ones already know. Should I be honest with the 11 yr old? I will be asking in our parent plan that he is not to be with her.