Are You a Maid or a Mom?

how to get children to do the chores

Are you a maid or a mom? The answer to that question really matters when it comes to figuring out how to get children to do chores. A maid serves. She does all of the work because it’s less frustrating than figuring out how in the world to get her kids to pitch in. A mom trains. She knows that if she doesn’t, she’ll be wearing that maid’s uniform forever. I’ve seen it in my own house with my kids—if they know I’ll eventually get around to doing the housework, they don’t worry about helping.

That’s where the training comes in. We have to bite the bullet and get over the it’s easier if I just do it myself mentality and take the time to teach our children how it’s done. We may spend a lot of time up front, but boy is it nice when the kids finally do their part. Teach your children to do their chores and you’ll be on your way to being a mom, not a maid. {Tweet This} Here are 2 easy ways to get started.

Chore Charts

Your easy first step in training your children is to use a chore chart. Introduce your children to the concept gradually. Keep it simple by having just a couple of chores for each child the first week. You can add additional chores as time goes by.

Chore Ideas

If you’re not sure what chores your kids can actually do, take a look at the lists we have for chores by age.

So be honest with us… do you feel like a maid or a mom? Why do you feel that way?


  • Olesa Bogun

    I’m a mom!!!! Thank God! But there was a time when I was a maid and you are right on point it took training but now everyone pitches in! I found a fantastic app that makes my life easier when it comes to keeping track of chores and points, My Job Chart app is perfect!

  • Mrs. S.

    Thank you for the great chore chart. I started using it with my 5 & 6 year olds a week before school started. After 4-5 weeks of using it, they didn’t even have to ‘check it off’ – they just knew what to do and when [with training of course]. it feels good to be a Mom and not a maid.

  • Meagan Adams Hecht

    My 4 1/2 year old won’t do any cleaning up by herself. She just wines and cries that she needs someone to do it with her. Any tips on getting her to do things on her own? We have tried offering treats/rewards and that doesn’t work 🙁