Avoid These 2 Mom Regrets

regrets in life

My husband and I had dinner with his boss and his wife last night. They are an amazing team in business, marriage, and parenting. They’ve raised four children who are all responsible, kind adults who still like to hang out with their mom and dad.

At some point during our dinner, they talked about their regrets in life, specifically in their parenting choices — they only had two!  Now these are very specific to them and their family, but they teach a big lesson about parenting and regrets in life in general.  Here’s what they are.

1. They regretted not making their kids get a summer job. 

Their children were very active in the summer — playing sports, working as camp counselors, traveling with the family — but these wise parents wish they would’ve figured out a way to get their kids some real-world work experience.

“They did work in our office in the summer,” the dad said, “but it’s different when you’re working for someone else. It teaches you lots of valuable lessons about how to follow directions and get along with others.”

imom chore chartIf your children are too young for a real job, start with responsibilities in the home. {Tweet This}  Chores will make them more responsible and give them a sense of accomplishment, maybe not right away, but eventually. Try our customizable chore chart.

2. They regretted not going camping.

I know, this is super specific. Camping isn’t for everyone, but it is a one-stop shop for teaching teamwork — putting up the tent, gathering firewood, cleaning up the campsite. Plus, being in nature and away from the routine of home is such a wonderful way to bond with your kids. If you can’t make it to the great outdoors, camp in your backyard or in your home. Bring all of the ‘roughing it’ elements of “real” camping to your home experience.

Now, these might seem like minor regrets,  and I would never have come up with them if I’d had to guess. But coming from a couple who did do so much right with their children, I found them very interesting. Oh, and here are some of the things they felt they did right:  eating breakfast and dinner together most days, talking to their children frankly about the risks of pre-marital sex — complete with photos of sexually transmitted diseases (the dad is a doctor), and making time for each other.

What parenting regrets are you trying not to have, and how are you avoiding them?