Back to Basics Christmas Gifts for Kids


christmas gifts for kids

Tired of technology? We can suffer from digital overload at times, and so can our kids. This Christmas, try going old-school for at least some of their gifts and let them discover how fun simple toys can be!

1. Wooden Toys

Lincoln Logs, basic wooden blocks, wooden cars, trucks and trains. Durable and great for imaginative play.

2. Art Supplies

For preschoolers, it might be modeling clay and finger paints—for older kids, let them explore a new medium like watercolors or pastels. Look at your local craft store or online.

3. Board Games

Always a great idea for family night. Try some of the classics like Monopoly, Clue and Life.

4. Puzzles

From the big chunky styles perfect for preschoolers to the 1,000+ piece versions for ages 9-99…puzzles rock! There are tons of sites where you can get your family’s photo printed in puzzle form.

5. Outdoor Play Basics

Hula hoops, jump ropes, kick balls, etc. Hours of fun and relatively inexpensive.  Think of all the stuff you did outside as a kid. Sure, your kids might laugh and call it old-fashioned, but they are classics for a reason. They are just plain fun!

6. Craft and Model Kits

It’s fun to make stuff! Check out Hobby Lobby for ideas.

7. Magic Tricks

For just a few dollars and a little practice, your budding illusionist can become The Amazing (insert name here). Peruse Magic Geek for options.

8. Bikes and Scooters

They never go out of style because all kids like to feel the wind in their hair from time to time. Read iMom’s guide to choosing the right bike and teaching your tike to ride safely.  For reluctant learners, the Pedal Magic program works like a charm.