Be Your Own Health Care Quarterback

Get the Facts

Here are several questions to consider asking your health care provider:

1. What is my (or my child’s) diagnosis?

2. How certain are you that your diagnosis is correct?

3. Could this be any other disease or condition besides the one being considered?

4. What are the possible causes of my (or my child’s) condition?

5. What other symptoms might be expected or are usually seen?

6. What tests or assessments are recommended for me (or my child)? What will they cost? Will they be covered by my insurance?

7. Where can I learn more about this disorder? Are there any books or Internet sites you recommend? Do you have patient-education materials that you can give me?

8. Do you have other patients with the same condition who will share with me what they’ve learned and experienced?

If your appointment time with your health care provider is brief, reschedule a longer appointment to discuss your concerns. Bring a list of your questions along with your spouse or a trusted friend who will listen and take notes.

Double-check everything you hear and learn. If it’s the truth, you’ll be able to find documentation from several sources. If the sources conflict, ask your personal physician to help you sort out the contradictions.

G = Get the facts.

U = Understand the different layers of health care.

E = Explore treatment options.

S = Seek wise spiritual counsel.

T = Take a personal inventory.

Medical information within this site is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. Please consult a licensed health care professional for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition.

Walt Larimore, M.D. has been called “one of America’s best known family physicians.” He is a nationally-known and nationally sought after speaker and health expert.