Better Late Than Never: What is the Right Age?

What’s the right age to… potty train? To let your children start dating? To start school? And if we’re wondering if there’s a right age, does that mean there’s a wrong age? For example, what’s the right age to teach your child to ride a bike — 4, 6, 9? For my son, it was 11. Yes, I know, that sounds old, but he really wasn’t ready until then. But I often felt guilty (and a little embarrassed) that he learned to ride so “late.”

If your child is a little behind the traditional timing of milestones and maturity, try not to let parent peer pressure make you feel badly. {Tweet This} Consider (instead) the physical, emotional, and cognitive readiness of your child. If you really are concerned that there could be a serious issue, talk to your pediatrician.

Beyond that, embrace and encourage your late bloomer, and consider these tips on the “right ages” to potty train, let your daughter shave her legs, and let your children date.

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How do you decide on the "right time" for your kids?