Breaking Out of the Mommy Mind Bubble

breaking out

A few months ago, I did something crazy. I “pressed pause” on a bunch of other things in my life and, with my family’s blessing, auditioned for a regional production of Les Misérables. I love theatre, and this was my favorite show of all time—a bucket list item to be sure. And surprise of all surprises: I got a part!

It was a major investment of time and energy, but those three months spent in the trenches of rehearsal with a cast of talented, intelligent, eccentric, hilarious people refreshed my soul in ways I didn’t even know it needed. It stretched my voice, my confidence, and took me beyond my comfort zone in good ways.

It’s easy for moms to get fenced into a small definition of themselves: feeder, bather, housekeeper, grocery shopper, taxi driver. Over time, we get trapped in a “mommy mind bubble” and neglect the things that interest us, that energize us, that make us great people. Granted, community theatre wouldn’t be the break out moment for every mom, but there are opportunities all around you to tap into the things that get your creative and intellectual juices flowing, and add to your life. {Tweet This} Learn how to break out of the mommy mind bubble and revive your spirit!

1. Read something that takes you to another head space.

If your everyday life is all about hearth and home, or dedicated to mundane professional tasks, pick up a book that takes you to another time and place, or challenges your thinking. Even better: Join a monthly book club or discussion group to talk about it. Your local library can probably point you in the direction of a club nearby.

2. Dabble in the arts.

For me, it was the stage. For you, it might be taking a painting or sketching class, or joining the choir at your church. You don’t have to be the most talented person in town to have a place in the arts—just a desire to contribute and a willingness to learn!

3. Invest in a cause you believe in.

Remember how idealistic and “on fire” you were in your teens and 20s for causes you deemed important? Those same initiatives still need your efforts, and you’re even more equipped now – with your age and experience – to make a meaningful contribution. Get involved with a nonprofit that does work to support a faith-based, social or political cause you believe in.

4. Express yourself.

Take just a little time each day to write about your experiences and feelings, if for no one’s eyes but your own. Putting your experience into words clarifies thoughts, releases the tension from negative circumstances, and gives a release to your heart and mind. Who knows? You could find that you like it enough to publish a blog, write a longer work, or attend a writers’ workshop.

5. Expose yourself to diverse experiences and people.

Even if you don’t want to participate in a new art form or learn a new skill, just observing can be a very stimulating experience. Attend a concert, a play or a book reading. Sometimes these less common events make for a great date night too!

Don’t think you could find the time to explore one of these ideas? Try our 7 Ways to Fit Downtime Into Your Schedule for tips on how to make it happen.

Let’s Talk: What personal interests do you have that you haven’t pursued in recent years? What’s holding you back?