Church attendance is linked to stronger families

There is a link between church attendance and strong families

According to Patrick Fagan, Ph.D. and +William H. G. Fitzgerald, Senior Research Fellow in Family and Cultural Issues, families who attend church regularly are more likely to have healthy, strong relationships with better behaved children than those who don’t attend church.

Other benefits of church attendance…

Church attendance leads to a decrease in domestic violence, drug abuse and addiction.  Father-child relationships as well as mother-child relationships have been determined to be better when both parties attend church regularly.   Parents who attend church feel a stronger need to stay in their kids’ lives. Parents are also more likely to support their grandchildren if they have attended church with their children.

In Conclusion…

Pre-marital sex, divorce rates and out-of-wedlock children are less likely to happen in families that attend church together. Mental health and happiness increase and stress decreases. Without religion, there is no common thread that runs through a family. There is no set of standards that cannot be objected. Attending church gives a set of moral standards for a family and brings them closer together. Take a look at this excerpt from George Washington’s farewell speech:

“And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.”

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