Teenagers (13-18)

Dating: How Far Is Too Far?

Three unemployed truck drivers eagerly read the classified ad – “WANTED skilled truck driver to drive a truck filled with TNT through narrow mountain roads.”

The president of the trucking company interviewed all three men.  To each, the same question was asked.  “When driving a load of TNT how close can you get to the edge of the road without falling off the cliff?”

The first man boasted of his great skills.  “I can get the rear wheels of the truck 12 inches from the edge.  Never fell off yet.”

The second driver was even more skilled.  “I can get one wheel half-way over the edge and not veer off the pavement.”

The third driver humbly replied, “TNT is a dangerous load.  I’d stay as far from the edge I can.”

Guess who got the job.

How Far is Too Far?

Kissing, heavy French kissing, petting over the clothes, petting under the clothes, laying together, sexual intercourse.  An automatic transmission shifts gears between one step of sex to the next.

So, talk to your child and ask them how close to the edge they are willing to drive.  See which driver they identify with the most.  Point out how the first and second truck drivers’ pride in their ability to not fall off the edge, is dangerous in intimacy.  Kids who think they could stop before things go too far, often find out they can’t.

Used with permission from Joe White, from Pure Excitement by Joe White.

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