Decompress in 10 Minutes or Less

Moms need to distress and decompress – even if they only have 10 minutes or less to do it!   On those rare days when you have a bit more time, here are 10 Ideas for Daily “Me Time”.

1. Go for a walk.  Sounds simple, but it works.

2. Have the kids take a book break.  Tell them to read or look at books for 10 minutes while you do something relaxing too.  Set a timer they can hear so they don’t keep asking you, “How much longer?”

3. Color or draw. Grab one of your children’s coloring books and color.  Again, sounds simple and a little silly, but it will distract you from your stress.

4. Make a to-do list. Write down what you need to do, or put it in your smart phone.  Sometimes having things spelled out makes them seem more manageable.

5. Sip a cup of tea—not while cleaning, standing, or talking on the phone—sit down and savor it.

6. Get a mini massage. If your husband is willing, have him give you a 5-minute massage; then give him one too.

7. Make a call.  Call someone to cheer them up.  Giving reduces stress.

8. Lie down and daydream.  Close your eyes and visualize your perfect vacation.  Smell the smells, taste the foods, hear the sounds of your perfect setting.

9. Take a hot shower or bath.  Lock the door so you can have some privacy.

10. Pray.