11 Ways to Be an Inspirational Mom


I try to meet my children’s needs: I make them breakfast. I pack their lunches. I drive them to school. I help with homework. I dry their tears. I wash their clothes. I find their shoes.  I take them to their activities.  I join in their activities. I make them dinner.  I make them take a shower.  I tuck them in.  Then I’m tuckered out.

I’m sure you do all of that too, and more.  But do you ever feel like you’re so busy with the “doing” that you’re not getting the chance to truly inspire your kids to reach their potential?  I know that feeling.  But, it’s in the day-to-day of life that we are inspiring our children.  By infusing our seemingly mundane tasks with an attitude of love, we are serving our children, and inspiring them.

11 Ways to Be an Inspirational Mom

3 Things That Truly Matter in a Mom’s Life

Pillow Talk

End your day: Talking with your child

Who inspires you the most in life?  How do they do it?
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  • ISG

    Wow, thank you so much for that thought! I honestly read this with a little fear and trepidation thinking, “I’m sure there’s more I should be doing though I do all those things” (and more as do you — take them to Sunday school, help them memorize Scripture, spend hours together on homework, help them practice their music daily, etc. etc. etc.). Thank you for the reminder that by allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us that we can then be enough for them (when it seems impossible to ever do as much as we “should” be doing as a mom) when our hearts and attitudes are in the right place.

    I opened the e-mail fearing I wouldn’t’ be able to add whatever you mentioned in the article to my routine, but left feeling encouraged!

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