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Mom, Please Don’t Put This on Facebook!


I knew I was busted when my wise-cracking 8-year-old said something funny, and when I laughed, she immediately turned serious and said, “Mom, please don’t put that on Facebook.” She went on to tell me that when my grown-up friends read her quips in my status and mentioned them to her, she felt embarrassed. I was guilty of one of the 5 Ways Moms Over Share Information about their family’s private life.

We parents are good at talking about Internet and social media boundaries for our kids. But do we set a good example? Do you share things with the world—photos, anecdotes, accolades—about your family without their permission? Even things that seem harmless to us might feel more personal to our husbands and kids, and they have a right to privacy. So think before you put up that blog post or dash off another status: it may be a great story, but is it yours to tell?  Here are 4 Ways to be a Good Online Example for your children.

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Have I ever shared anything on Facebook that you were embarrassed about?
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  • Julie

    That is your call I am an over sharer too and my Mom and so on through our family history I just lived with it never thought she meant any harm and usually we would always laugh about it so in my humble opinion I just see it as your call not really a biggie to me

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