No Electronics Day

I know, Noel means Christmas, and that was more than two months ago.  No, the Noel we’re talking about is No Electronics Day – or as my children love to hear (not!) No-El Day.

What made me think of having a No-El Day?  It made me sad to think about what my children, and other children, were missing because their eyes were locked on a screen.  I see it everywhere… the toddler in the cart at the grocery store, missing the colorful fruits and veggies because he’s wrapped up in mommy’s iPhone.  The kids riding in the backseat on their 10 minute drive to school missing the beautiful flock of birds flying by because they’re watching a cartoon on the car’s DVD player.  The sibling bored at her brother’s baseball game watching a movie on an iPad.

What skills or talents are going untapped in your child? Will the artist ever become an artist if they never pick up a crayon because they’re holding a smart phone?  Will the budding scientist follow his bent if he spends all of his time looking down at his DS instead of digging in the dirt?  Would your child think there’s more color in a rainbow or on your iPhone?

So try a No-El Day in your house.  Better yet, see what new situations you can make No-El zones.  Make your teen take out his earbuds when he’s in the car and maybe he’ll talk to you instead.  Say no to your preschooler when she wants to play on your phone and let her play make-believe instead.

Pillow Talk

End your day: Talking with your child

I have a big challenge we’re going to try.  It’s going to be fun too!  (tell about No-El Day)
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  • Sandra

    I’m all for that! Seems a good way to start is when you go on vacation….and every member of the family obliges for the entire vacation (not ignoring any ‘exceptions’ that might be necessary)! I’d probably name it something else, though, since No El might also mean no God (You definitely don’t want to vacation without Him! : ). El is a word for God. (however, electronics, can be a kind of ‘god’…and the whole point of ‘No El’ is to say NO to its addiction, right?) As the world goes headlong into the internet….under the guise of saving money….it’s a great idea!!! Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/parker.andi Andi Parker

    This is a great reminder that I have slacked off enforcing No-El times. We frequently run late because the kids were distracted from getting ready by a video or game. As of today – no more electronics before school or church!

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