10 Things You Can Do for Adoptive Parents


Within my church there are multiple families in the process of adopting babies from China. These little girls each have special needs, and have spent the entirety of their short lives in orphanages ill-equipped to provide the kind of nurturing and love infants and toddlers need to thrive. In our circle of church friends, the excitement is palpable! We feel as if we’re all welcoming these precious babies into our lives, and can’t wait to shower them with love.

Unfortunately, even those of us who want to encourage adoptive parents can unknowingly do things that aren’t helpful.  So straight from an adoptive mom, here are 10 Things You Can Do for Adoptive Parents.

And if you’ve ever thought about adopting older children, or know someone who has, iMOM Director Susan Merrill shares her story about Her Journey to Adoption. Finally, check out iSpecialist Dr. Walt Larimore’s insights on adoptive children and the unique risks they face with regard to health and emotional wellness.

If you are one of those special families who have opened your hearts and your homes to a child in need, we appreciate your example of selfless love! We know that raising every child, whether adopted or biological, has unique joys and challenges.  To help you on your adoption journey, here are 15 Questions Adopted Children Ask

Pillow Talk

End your day: Talking with your child

What do you think it means to be adopted? Do you have any friends who were adopted?
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