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Balancing Home and Work: How to Do it!


  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how to juggle.  I’ve actually tried to juggle with my kids, but once I got past a couple of balls or rolled up socks, I was not too successful!   But as moms, we do have to juggle when it comes … Continue reading…

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Schools In: Germs, Out!


  Pediatricians often note an influx of patients suffering from colds and other contagious illnesses shortly after school starts. It seems that moving so many children back into close proximity to one another challenges everybody’s immune system and sniffles abound. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 22 … Continue reading…

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The Easy Way to a Neat and Clutter Free House


  Who knew a simple phrase would drive my son crazy!  “Mom!” he would cry, “stop saying that!”  What was the awful thing I was saying?  Stow as you go.  I didn’t make it up, organizing expert Sandra Felton did.  She says that the key to a neat and clutter-free … Continue reading…

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How to Be Intentional with Your Time


  The kids are back in school and fall activities have resumed once more! You may already be feeling the pinch of the busier schedule which comes with this time of year. Instead of feeling run ragged and overwhelmed, you can seize this opportunity to learn How to Be Radically … Continue reading…

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Mom Secrets That Are Dangerous to Keep

  She seemed like the All-American mom: three beautiful kids, a handsome, successful husband, involved in their church and community. Imagine my shock when I learned that her marriage was hanging by a thread because of her long-term alcoholism. While she managed to conceal it from others, her husband and … Continue reading…

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Where Are You on the Stressed Out Mom Scale?

  Summer is great because you get to spend more time with your kids.  But as fantastic as that is, you still need some time to recharge so you can be the mom you want to be.  If you don’t, you’ll eventually find yourself off the charts on the Stressed … Continue reading…

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