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Everything You Need to Get Your Child Reading this Summer

reading log for kids

When I was a junior in high school I struggled with the verbal section of the SAT. So my mom hired a tutor for me. During one of the sessions, he asked me to name the last book I read that wasn’t assigned. I couldn’t think of one. He said, “That’s why you are struggling with the verbal section. You don’t spend time reading.” That moment changed my approach to reading. I began reading more and more and ended up increasing my verbal score by two hundred points. I also tested into advanced placement English in college as a result.

Reading is vital for education and brain development. {Tweet This} If you need help with inspiring and teaching your children to read more, look no further than the resources below. There are ways to make reading fun and a reading log for kids so they can keep track of the books they’ve read. Get started today!

Printable Resources:

reading log

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Reading Resources:

Not sure what books are safe for your child to read, use our book list to pick the next book!

What are you doing to get your kid reading more?

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