Fourth of July Printables and Fun Activities!

fourth of july activities

The Fourth is here and we want to help you get ready to celebrate! We have four really fun printables for Fourth of July activities your kids will love (and you don’t have to tell them they’re educational too)!

So print out our USA Scavenger Hunt, our Founding Fathers Cards, and our Declaration of Gratefulness. Then you can play our Fourth of July Trivia Game, complete with cake, and print out the trivia cards to go with it. After that, just add fireworks and let the celebration begin! Click on the images below to download the Fourth of July activities and printables.

USA Scavenger Hunt Printable

Founding Fathers Cards

Declaration of Gratefulness Printable

Fourth of July Trivia Printable

How do you celebrate the Fourth of July with your kids? We would love to hear about it, comment below. 


  • Lela White

    Very cool! Thank you!

  • leahchristensen

    We’re a mixed couple. I’m Canadian, Hubby is American. We live in Canada near Toeonto, and celebrate Canada Day on July 1, and Independence Day on the 4th. Both days are celebrated with patriotic cupcakes, the appropriate flag banners on the balcony (we’re on the 11th floor), and spend the day in the pool, Because we’re relatively close to the border, the community puts on fireworks for Canada Day, AND The 4th of July. We usually celebrate with our best friends, another mixed Canadian/American (Puerto Rican) couple, and their two previous boys. There’s good food, and drinks. Beer for the adults, pop for the kids. 1-4 July is our favourite time of year,