Fun, Free Lunchbox Notes for Your Kids

lunchbox notes

Moms put a lot of thought into the food we pack in our kids’ lunchboxes. We want it to be delicious and recharge their bodies so they can grow and learn. But the truth is, they might need some emotional support by the middle of the day, too. Imagine your son opening his lunch after getting bad news about the quiz he took yesterday or your daughter seeing a sweet message on the day she had a fight with a friend.

A lunchbox note is a quick refill for a child’s heart. It might be exactly what your children need on a tough school day. It’s like a warm, surprise hug on paper (and you might be surprised by how often they hold onto the note for safe-keeping). Here’s a collection of free printable lunchbox notes to show you care throughout the year. Find one for your next holiday and for kids of all ages—even your high schooler!

Lunchbox Notes for Girls

lunchbox notes for girls

Lunchbox Notes for Boys

lunchbox notes for boys

Thanksgiving Lunchbox Notes

thanksgiving lunchbox notes

Christmas Lunchbox Notes

 christmas lunchbox notes

Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Notesvalentines day lunchbox notes

Elementary Lunchbox Notes

  lunchbox notes

Lunchbox Notes for Middle and High School
 lunchbox notes for teens

Lunchbox Notes for Year-End

lunchbox notes

What ideas do you have for lunchbox notes themes?