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how to help your kids with homework

Do you and your kids need some homework help? Is homework hurting your relationship with your children? Do you have to nag, scream, and threaten to get them started? There is a better way, but it will take some work by you too.

Getting your kids to do their homework starts with a plan. [Click to Tweet] Our Homework Magic printable works almost like magic for younger kids. Post it on your refrigerator, magnet board, or bulletin board and have your children mark the squares as they move through the steps.

  1. And for your tweens and teens, try these 5 homework help tips for older kids.
  2. Get them a planner. If they know what they have to do, then they will be more likely to do it.
  3. Give them a completion deadline to avoid late night conflict. Once you give them the deadline, don’t badger.
  4. Encourage them to use pockets of free time, like study hall at school, to get a jump on homework—especially if they have after school activities.
  5. Make sure that you don’t schedule your afternoons so heavily that there’s no time to get homework done. You might have to let some activities go.
  6. Let your child get a snack and relax for a bit after school. If they’re still stressed from the day, they’re more likely to resist doing their homework.

And here’s iMOM Director Susan Merrill’s eBook on How to Make Every School Year Count. It has lots of great ideas for helping you make this the best school year ever.

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What are your homework tips? Please share your secrets!


  • Cindy

    This is great for stay at home mom’s but some of us don’t have that luxury and work full time. I am working very hard for my 8 year old to do his homework at after school care and we can review and fix any errors later at home. We only have a couple of hours at night and when he has practice, that cuts into available time. [No I don’t think he will be a professional sports player, but we want him to understand the fundamentals of several sports, understand and utilize teamwork etc.] Also working on personal responsibility. You have homework to do and time to do it after school and can get adult help when needed. This is what most working moms need help with…..

    • Gracey

      Cindy, I am in the same boat. Both my husband and I work, and when we get home, one of us tackles the homework and the other fixes dinner. There are only a few precious hours in the evening, and sometimes there are other things that compete with homework (church on Wednesday nights), so we really have to be organized and make every minute count without stressing the children or causing chaos.

  • resar

    Everyone has to find their own way to some degree as each family has a different dynamic, schedule, situation. A life saver for us when the kids were younger has been that we have a set time at which homework starts for everyone (little ones can “read,” “write,” draw, color, work with playdoh, etc). For us this is 4:00. They have some down time after school and get a snack, but if everyone is working at the same time it saves us a lot of distraction. I have the luxury of being home at or near to when my kids get home from school, but I think the above are helpful to any parent. Many of my friends who cannot be home until later do just what Cindy does and sets the expectation that as much as possible homework is done while at after school care or independently after school if they are old enough to be home alone. Mom and/or dad can help or review after they get home.

    We are focusing on the planner a lot this year and time management…look ahead if you have a crazy day tomorrow try to work ahead on those things that you can get done early.

  • Mrs. Allen

    As a former teacher, I would always encourage my students and their parents to have supplies at home that the learner would need, so they couldn’t say, “Mom I need”…….to complete my homework”

  • Kari

    Homework can be such a monster in our house. I feel when I praise my kids it goes so much further than when I nag at them. My kids are still a work in progress but when they come home from school or sports from after school, and sit down and start their homework, I praise them for their diligence and initiative. If I have to ask them to begin their homework, then I praise them for working quietly and focused. If they are distracted and not focused and I have to ask them to focus then I praise them when they accomplish that subject and how “quickly” they were able to do it. The little things that I can find to praise them on build and grow. The next day, they are more focused and working more diligently, the next day they start right away or with a better attitude. This positive spin doesn’t come naturally, I have to work on it but the nagging and negative approach is frustrating for all of us. Either way they get it done, it’s my choice how I want to tackle the monster of the homework chore!