How Even Messy Moms Can Get Organized

get organized

I want to get organized, and be less of a messie — yes, that’s a word — messie! Organizing expert Sandra Felton came up with it… and I am it!

As a mom, I know that an organized home is a well functioning home and that families benefit from an organized house and an organized mom. But having said that, we want you to know that it’s okay if you’re not perfectly organized! {Tweet This}

We don’t mean that your house should be in a shambles. That every time your child or husband needs to find something, they have to dig through messes and jump through jumbled hoops to find it. But we do want you to know that you don’t need to have labeled bins, five apps for staying organized or every activity and upcoming appointment at your mental fingertips to be a good mom.

I, for one, have sent in school picture orders late because I lost the form. I’ve forgotten birthday parties because I entered the wrong date. I’ve quickly brushed off school uniforms from the day before because I didn’t get the laundry done the night before.

But I don’t want to do that kind of stuff all of the time, so I’m trying to practice these ways to be less of a messie. (And we also have some advice if you live with a messie!)

Share with us… Can you actually accept it when you’re not organized or are you hard on yourself?