How One Word Can Lead to Clutter

What is the missing word? You fill in the word that fits. The same word goes into all blanks.

“I’ll send this card to my bereaved friend ________.”
(Now where did it go?)

“I’ll put the folded clothes up ___________.”
(When did they get so scattered?)

“I’ll put this bill in a pile and pay it __________.”
(Why is the water turned off?)

“I’ll unload the dishwasher _________.”
(What a mess the sink has become!)

“I’ll make the bed __________.”
(Oh well, it is night now anyway.)

“I’ll do a batch of laundry _______.”
(Underwear can be worn again – I think.)

“I’ll unpack this suitcase _________.”
(What happened to all my clothes?)

And on and on it goes. If the missing word, LATER, is present in your life, you know how it can confuse your life and clutter your house. When we put things off until LATER, we undermine our organizing efforts.

“LATER” now equals CLUTTER.


Taken with permission from Sandra Felton at