How to Answer the 3 Mid-Life Mom Questions

mid life crisis

I never saw my mom go through a mid-life crisis, but I wonder when, or if, mothers typically hit that point? Is it at age 35, 40, earlier or later? The humorous answer might be When her kids are old enough to take care of themselves and she has time for a mid-life crisis!

In all seriousness, these three mid-life questions of, “Who am I? Does what I do every day really matter?” And, “When do I get to follow my dreams?” can hit us, even though we love our husband and children. If these questions do come into your mind, don’t be afraid to deal with them head-on.

1. Who am I?

Society can make us feel like what we do doesn’t really matter. The media can make us feel that if we don’t have the right purse, the right shoes or the right husband, then we’re nobody. Not true. Just by virtue of the fact that you’re alive and here on earth, you have value.

So answer this question through a more lasting filter. Who am I? I am unique and created by God to be the only me there is. I have value because God made me and has let me live here on earth. Take it a step further. Who are you? If you’re a mom, you are a lot, a whole lot, right there. If you’re a wife, you’re part of a bigger self than just you alone.

2. Does what I do every day really matter?

What you do matters so much, it can almost be scary. You are a mom. You hold the ability to shape the present and the future in your hands. Every word that comes out of your mouth and every decision you make has the power to propel your children to a higher level of thought and life.

You are a mom. You are your kids’ mom. You matter so very much, to them, and to the God who loves you.

3. When do I get to follow my dreams?

Okay, it can be frustrating. You want to express yourself in your hobbies, your career, your desires to make more of yourself. That’s great, it really is.  But, as moms we also realize that our kids get one chance at a solid childhood. Sure we can seek out little pockets of time and ways to express ourselves, and that’s something we should do. But don’t buy into society’s lie that we deserve to be number one all of the time and that a fulfilled mom is the only effective mom.

So to really answer these questions, look beyond how you feel or what society tells you. Develop a healthy spiritual life and cultivate ties to a spiritual family.

Tell us! How would you answer these three questions today?