How to Be a Low Drama Mama

I’m exposed to more drama than people living on Broadway. That’s because my daughter is in middle school. We see drama about mean girls and feeling left out. Drama about boys and how confusing they are. Drama about changing bodies and how no one else has ever had to feel all the feelings she feels. Don’t get me wrong: I know that to my daughter, all of this is very real. And I know I have to be patient with her emotions. I need to listen, to soothe, to console.

But what I don’t need to do isĀ get on the emotional Tilt-a-Whirl with her. Crazy as it sounds, I see moms buy into drama every day and make it bigger than it actually is. These are the moms whose own latent middle school insecurities rush back to the surface. This is the exact opposite of what your daughter needs. What she needs is for you to help her keep her feet on the ground by being a low drama mama. Here’s how.