How to Be a Real-Life Cinderella

real life cinderella

Most of us would love to be a real-life Cinderella. Sure, the drudgery of Cinderella’s life before the ball wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun – but, boy, the fairy godmother, the dancing, and the happily ever after part would more than make up for it!

Even though you might not have a glass slipper stashed away and you’re still waiting for your yoga pants and t-shirt to magically transform into a fabulous evening gown, you can be a grown-up Cinderella. Here’s how.

Be kind.

Cinderella learned the most important life lesson even before she met her fairy godmother — she was kind. She was kind to her mean stepmom, she was kind to her stepsisters, and she was kind to animals. There was a reason Cinderella sparkled and stood out on a crowded dance floor (it wasn’t just the shoes and the dress), she had inner beauty; she was kind.

Be bold.

Cinderella could’ve turned and run the other way when animals started turning into people and a pumpkin turned into a carriage, but she didn’t. She really wanted to go to that ball and she wasn’t going to back down, in spite of the fact that her entire family had conspired against her. When we want something in life, we need to push past the obstacles with boldness. {Tweet This} Cinderella did this when the Prince showed up at her house with the glass slipper. Instead of sitting in a corner and bemoaning the fact that she was being prevented from presenting her foot to try in the glass slipper, she pressed on.

Be hopeful.

Cinderella could’ve easily turned into a bitter woman. She had lots of housework. She didn’t have nice clothes. She had no social life. But she found hope and joy in her current circumstances. She lived like she knew there were better days ahead.

It’s not always easy to remain hopeful when life feels like a heavy burden, but we can train our eyes to look at what’s good around us. We can nurture the dreams we have with hope. Of course, that hope needs the help of its good friend, action, but it all starts with being hopeful.

(If you are at a place where you’re not hopeful, here are some things to do if you’re disappointed with your life.)

Be resourceful.

Stepmom didn’t buy you a new dress, Cinderella? Well, you can give up right now, or… make your own! Cinderella did the best with what she had. Sure, it would’ve been easier for Cinderella if she had had a well-stocked closet of gowns and shoes to choose from, and she could’ve avoided that scene of dress tearing with her stepmother, but Cinderella assessed the situation, accepted it, and moved on from there.

In our own lives, it can be tough when we don’t feel like we have the resources we need. Maybe we don’t have the money we need, maybe our husband doesn’t support us or encourage us enough, maybe we feel like we can’t make a real go of it in our situation. Well, all of that may be true, but if our choice is giving up or getting creative, the option is pretty clear.

Be honorable.

Cinderella could’ve danced until the wee hours of the morning, but when that clock struck midnight she did the honorable thing and made a beeline for the door. She could’ve just stood there at midnight and let her dress turn back into rags and yelled, “Take that fairy godmother! I’m in charge now!” But she didn’t.

Sometimes in life we can feel like the good girl doesn’t win. But even if things don’t always go our way, when we do the right thing, the honorable thing, we do win. And as mothers, doing the right thing is important for the little people in our own home who are watching us.

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