How to Make a Snowflake


how to make a snowflake

Learn how to make a snowflake!

Snowflakes are truly amazing.  The first person to photograph a snowflake was Wilson Bentley, in 1885. Bentley took those first photos in Jericho, Vermont.  He was actually a farmer, but created the field of photomicrography. He became affectionately known as “Snowflake” Bentley.

fold a snowflake

Here’s how to make your own snowflakes:

(1) Fold a square piece of paper in half along AB.

(2)(3)Crease lines CD, CE, and CF and fold the paper into 3 equal sections.

(4)(5)Use CD as the center line and fold the paper in half again.   CF should be on top of CBE.

(6)Cut along BD and make sure that CD and BD are the same length.

(7)Use the wedge-shaped paper to cut out paper snowflakes.

(8)Have your child create one, then write their name in the middle. At dinner, they can show off their snowflakes and everyone around the table will name something about the child that is unique and special just like the snowflakes. Write the words on the snowflakes and tape the snowflakes to a window so that the child can see it every day.

Source: How to Make A Paper Snowflake by Angelina Winters and