Important iMOM Morning Update

My name is Susan Merrill, and I am the Content Director at Family First.  The following important news will affect iMOM Morning chapters beginning Fall 2015.

After having many passionate conversations with our staff and Board of Directors, we’ve decided to no longer offer the iMOM Morning school breakfast program.  As the reality of this news sinks in, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions, and I’m going to attempt to answer some of the big ones below.

What does this mean for me?

For our existing iMOM Morning Leaders, nothing is going to change for the remainder of this school year.  We have emailed new curriculum topics to you for your chapter to use for the remainder of the 2014-2015 school year including the summer.  However, there will be no new curriculum for the 2015-2016 school year. If you’re interested to continue to run the program using old curriculum, please see the following questions below: “How can I continue to run our iMOM Morning chapter?” and “How do I access past curriculum?

For those of you who were interested in getting started now, unfortunately we are no longer accepting new chapter starts.

Why are we ending the program?

Although we have a number of strong iMOM Morning chapters, we’ve noticed that this program hasn’t grown significantly since we started it in 2008. While we completely understand the frustration, please understand that this decision reflects our commitment to be the best steward of our resources.  Maintaining a program like this costs money, time and energy, and we want to focus these resources on those initiatives that give us the greatest family-strengthening return on our investment.

What about All Pro Dad’s Day?

As unfair as it may sound, nothing is changing with All Pro Dad’s Days.  This program addresses a powerful need in today’s schools: a need to get men involved. And we’re prepared to continue helping fathers connect with their children at school for years to come!  If your school doesn’t have a Dad’s Day chapter, please click here to learn more about how you can get dads engaged at school!

How can I continue to run our iMOM Morning chapter?

If you are interested in using past iMOM Morning curriculum to continue holding regular meetings at your school, you’ll find these resources to be helpful.

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How can I access past curriculum?

We have provided links to download 20 curriculum lessons from previous years.

iMOM Morning – 2012 -2013 Curriculum

  1. Cheating
  2. Guiding Your Kids
  3. Thank you Mom
  4. Dealing with Pressure
  5. Manners
  6. Rebuilding
  7. Sportsmanship
  8. Attitude
  9. Mom is Cool
  10. Motivation

iMOM Morning – 2013 -2014 Curriculum

  1. Anxiety
  2. Passion for Doing Good
  3. Do Over Please
  4. Selflessness
  5. Gift of Giving
  6. Reaching Your Goals
  7. The Family Team
  8. Save, Share, Spend
  9. Mom and Me Forever
  10. Summer Fun

What can I do to help moms at my school?

While the iMOM Morning school breakfast program is coming to an end, please understand that iMOM is not!  We will continue to offer powerful resources like the website, the Espresso Minute daily email, the iMOM Movie Monitor and a variety of social media platforms to support women in one of their most important roles–being a mom.  If you haven’t explored these resources or shared them with a friend recently, we invite you to take another look.  We think you’ll like what you find!

What do I do if I still have more questions?

Please know that our amazing School Programs Team is still here, and they are fully committed to serving you and your current iMOM Morning Chapter.  You can also reach out to them at any time at 800.956.8300, ext. 326 or at [email protected]

Throughout the years, faithful supporters like our iMOM Morning Leaders have played a VERY important part in helping us reach our vision, which is for every child to know the love of a mom and a dad and for every mom and dad to be engaged in the life of their child.  Although this program is ending, please know we’re still committed to supporting you with helpful resources.  Thank you for all that you do to strengthen families!

Yours truly,

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