A Story About My Father-In-Law: Let Love Be Your Legacy

love be your legacy

Hi everyone! This is Susan, iMOM Director and wife of Family First President, Mark Merrill. As Father’s Day approaches, we remember one of the most amazing men in our lives, Mark’s father.  Today, Mark is going to share about him and what inspired him to write his book for fathers, All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids.

My father passed away last year and I miss him very much. Just the other day, I happened upon his obituary and read these words: Bill was a constant source of encouragement to his children, grandchildren and friends. The obituary went on to talk about my father’s many accomplishments in business, his military career, and his contributions to his community. And while I am proud of my father for all he achieved, it is the way he encouraged me and loved me unconditionally that means the most to me. You see, even though my father wasn’t perfect, he understood that love is the foundation of being an All Pro Dad.

An All Pro Dad is a father who is willing to do his best so that he can be an even better father. {Tweet This} That’s why I wrote the book. I wanted to help myself and other men be the best, most loving fathers, we can be.

Here’s what your man will find in All Pro Dad about loving his children and family well:

We are all born with the ability to love, but we must expand our capacity to love. Now here’s the key point I want you to remember: our capacity to love will determine our capacity to lead at home, at work, and in life. In other words, when we genuinely love our spouse, our children, and others, when they know we want what’s best for them, they’ll follow us.

They’ll say to themselves: “You’ve loved me. You’ve earned the right to lead me. I’ll follow you.” Your leadership of your family will grow in direct proportion to the love that you show your family.

The way we increase our love capacity is counterintuitive. Normally, capacity increases when something is filled. But our capacity to love is increased the most when someone is emptied. Our capacity to love expands when we empty ourselves and give of ourselves to others. As fathers, we must show love to grow love. The more love you show, the more your capacity to love will grow.

Thanks, Mark! So make this Father’s Day an encouraging one for your husband. Give him the gift of the All Pro Dad book, and inspire him to be the best father he can be.

Let’s Talk: What makes your husband an All Pro Dad?