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Technology: 6 Must-Have Apps for Moms

That smartphone in your purse has more memory and power than your first desktop computer. But if you’re not using a few of the great apps available for today’s busy mom, you’re missing out on the planning and organizational benefits it can provide! Here are a few of our favorites for taming your family’s schedule and making things run smoothly:

1. Shopping:

  • RedLaser. Your new best friend when shopping. Just use your phone to scan the bar code of an item you’re interested in and instantly see prices for the same product at other local vendors and online retailers. Never wonder if you’re getting the best deal again! Available for iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. Free.
  • KeyRing. Have a growing stack of bulky reward and loyalty cards taking up space in your wallet? Store their bar codes in your phone and lose the plastic. When you want to use your card at a particular retailer, simply pull up the bar code on your smartphone screen and allow the cashier to scan it. Available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Free.

2. Meal Planning and Groceries:

  • Ziplist. Ziplist allows you to create meal plans and manage grocery lists, pull in recipes from across the web, and take all the info with you in your phone with the mobile app. Within the mobile app, you can access your recipe box, make changes to your list on-the-go, and even scan barcodes to add an item to the list. Super-cool bonus: add your favorite grocery list to your account, and you’ll see your list in aisle order for your store! Available for iPhone and Android. Free.
  • Food on the Table. This app offers great meal-planning and grocery list-making capabilities, plus it adds the bonus of taking into consideration what’s on sale at your local grocer. Food on the Table even lets you tailor meal plans to certain dietary needs and “food moods.” Available for iPhone and Android. Free.

3. Scheduling and Organization:

  • Cozi. This all-in-one family management tool includes a shared family calendar (color-coded by family member), meal planning, shopping lists, to-do lists and a family journal for recording memories quickly and simply. And it’s all accessible through either your computer or your mobile device. Available for iPhone, Android, Kindle, Nook, and Blackberry. Free.
  • Home Routines. Those familiar with the housekeeping philosophies of the FlyLady will love how Home Routines organizes those little daily and weekly tasks and allows you to check them off as they’re accomplished. You can even access tips and tricks from the FlyLady and other housekeeping gurus to make the work easier. A great way to keep track of chores the kids can help with, too!

What are your must-have apps? Why?


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