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Health Care: Be Your Own Healthcare Quaterback II

Begin a personal inventory — in writing — about your (or your child's) health care needs. Buy a notebook or a small book with blank pages, and take some quiet time each day to think, meditate, pray and journal. Don't just record the facts you're discovering. Record what others tell you as well. Journal how you feel about your (or your child's) physical and emotional challenges.

Carefully consider what your own intuition is telling you about your (or your child's) medical problems. Stay honest. This journal is for no one's eyes but yours. Write about the support you feel you need, both now and throughout the course of treatment. Write out your prayers, and spend time listening to the answers that come through the wise guidance of others –– and through the circumstances that take place. Be sure to record all the answers to your prayers.

Take five minutes every morning or evening to think about your personal inventory, any decisions you're struggling with or any steps you intend to take to improve your (or your child's) health. Write down all your thoughts in a brainstorming session. Don't hold anything back. Just write — for five minutes.

Then, after two weeks of journaling, reread what you have written down for each day. See if there's a pattern that may suggest a different approach or solution to something that's been bothering you.

Taken with permission and adapted from 10 Essentials of Highly Healthy People by Walt Larimore, M.D. with Traci Mullins.

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