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Spiritual Health: 3 Ways to Lock in for Spirituality

By Tonja Ward

In the speed of life so many things compete for our attention.  We get worn down and just roll with the punches feeling too empty to really land a solid punch of our own. Between rounds, we are searching for something that can re-fuel us so that we are vibrant and alive. Something that feeds our souls – it’s our need for God.

 When we are spiritually connected and fulfilled, everything in our lives, from our physical well-being to our emotional well-being and anything in between, becomes more manageable.

Spirituality is where purpose, meaning, and direction in life can be found.  It fosters the development of morals, ethics, values, and integrity. It helps us firmly establish and ground our faith. It is the true source of inner peace and joy that, once found, makes for a healthy and happy Mom. But it doesn't just happen.  You have to train to get it.

Check out these three training methods to tone up the spiritual flabbiness:

  1. Daily Quiet Time – Making it a priority to take time alone every day to pray, meditate, read, listen and/or journal can make a world of difference in your day and in your life.  It will help your outlook on life, give you strength, encourage you, center you, and ground you before you face the day. Try iMOM’s Quiet Time Guide: 15 Minutes that Can Change Your Day.
  2. Attending Worship Services – Being with others who are trying to grow spiritually can help you grow too.  Plus, church attendance has been shown to have positive benefits even beyond the spiritual.
  3. Serving Others – This may seem odd since Moms serve their families on a daily basis in many different ways.  As you go about your day, Mom duties can be so consuming that they lead to feelings of self pity.  But rather than focusing inward on yourself and all you do for your family, have an outward focus.  Ironically, serving a friend, neighbor, or other person in need is just enough to get you back into the ring and experience love. It's an amazing concept that when we help and give to others it always comes back to us in a greater way, and we, too, get moments of refreshment as a results.
  4. Practicing Gratitude – The ultimate remedy to any complaint, disappointment, sadness, challenge, or obstacle that life throws your way is a grateful heart.  We are so quick to forget all we have to be grateful for because we tend to focus on what we lack and how much more we need. And that often leaves us feeling empty.  Keeping a gratitude journal is one good way to keep up with your good fortune.  Take time to write both the big and small blessings in your life and you will be amazed how rich you already are.  When you go back later and look at what you have written, it will soften your heart and help you keep a proper perspective.

We don’t want to merely be moms that are saved by the bell. With spiritual training in our regimen we will be moms who are victorious champions when the bell sounds.

Used with permission from Tonja Ward. For more great ideas and fitness advice from Tonja , visit her blog.

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