Mother-In-Law 101

  1. Respect your mother-in-law for being the mother of your husband.Think about how you feel about your own mother, and how you would feel if someone belittled her, or disrespected her.
  2. Put yourself in her shoes.Realize that mothers-in-law walk a fine line – they want to have a good relationship with their son and grandchildren, while respecting your place as the number one woman in their son’s life.
  3. Don’t say anything negative about her in front of your husband or children.If you have to vent, talk to a trusted friend before you go to your husband.
  4. Offer an olive branch.If your relationship has been strained, try to change your attitude toward her.Thank her when she spends time with your children, compliment her, and buy her a small gift.
  5. Think of your children.Having a grandmother who loves them and spends time with them enriches a child’s life, so do all you can to foster a loving relationship between your kids and your mother-in-law.