County Line

MPAA Rating:
89 mins
Tom Wopat, Jeff Fahey, Patricia Richardson, Grant Goodeve, Dendrie Taylor, Abbi Butler, Rick Reitz, R. Keith Harris, Lance E. Nichols, Danny Vinson, Mark Ashworth, Brian Durkin, Micheal Ruff, Davis Osborne, Patrick Johnson
Shea Sizemore
Jason White, Gary Wheeler

Content at a Glance




gall dang-1; good lord-1;


many scenes with guns but no blood seen; robbery; fistfight; man shot while driving a race car; men hold guns on young woman; man shoots another and woman shoots a man, no blood seen; man takes sheriff’s car .


hospital seen, man takes drugs for his heart a few times.




woman dies in hospital; hospital patient pretends to be dead; crooked sheriff and deputy.


After losing his re-election bid for sheriff, Alden Rockwell (Tom Wopat) reluctantly settles into retirement. When good friend and neighboring county sheriff Clint Thorne (Jeff Fahey) is gunned down, Rockwell decides to take matters into his own hands. Drawing on his years of experience as well as help from local diner owner Maddie Hall (Patricia Richardson), Alden is pulled deeper into a web of deceit and corruption—a web only he can untangle.

Movie Message

“County Line” features two good friends who also happen to be sheriffs in neighboring towns. But when one is voted out of his position and the other is shot their true friendship is shown when the retired sheriff comes out of retirement to investigate what really happened and who was behind the crime.

Tom Wopat as Alden and Jeff Fahey as Clint star as a great combination in this story of friendship, detective work and investigation to find the truth. It is a tale like those of the old West—where good versus evil, and the good guys always win. This is truly an entertaining story of mystery and police work.

We award our Dove Seal of Approval for ages 12-plus to this movie.

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