MPAA Rating:
Not Rated
93 mins
Natalie Grant, Billy Dean, Michael Rosenbaum, Rusty Whitner
Thomas Makowski
Kevan Otto

Content at a Glance


it is learned that a woman became pregnant at age 17 – not condoned.


jesus and god all used in reverence.


boys ambush another and then punch and kick him; flashback of auto accident – not graphic; man has apparent heart attack.


man with heart trouble takes medication.


No Information


clear biblical teaching of the salvation message.


Due to the recent death of her husband Ilene Connors is forced to raise her son, Jackson, alone. This and the emotional toll of tragically losing his father have caused Jackson to become very angry at the world, even lashing out at friends and family. A final straw is broken when Jackson is expelled from school for cutting class. Ilene has no other choice, but to send Jackson to live with her father, Wyatt, a grandparent Jackson has never met.

After a rough beginning, granddad and grandson begin to bond. Wyatt, a widower himself, uses the opportunity to minister to Jackson. In an attempt to make up for lost time, the two men head out on a hunting trip. A tragic situation forces Jackson to not only evaluate his own life, but to also make some challenging decisions…

Movie Message

This film contains a simple yet perfect example of how to give your life to Christ. As Jackson learns to deal with the loss of his father, his granddad teaches him about the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all so that we could receive His gift of eternal life. Through a few twists and turns, Jackson gives his life to Jesus and receives the strength and help he needs to bring his granddad to safety.

Dove is pleased to award this inspirational film our Dove Seal for all ages and we encourage you to make this movie a part of your personal or church library.

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