Deep In The Heart

MPAA Rating:
113 mins
Jon Gries, Elaine Hendrix, Val Kilmer, DB Sweeney
Christopher Cain
Jay Hoffman, Brian Hoffman & Josh Fasulo

Content at a Glance


kissing between a couple; a few innuendos; a married man kisses woman on lips in the bar.


h-16; a-6; d-7; butt-1


the film opens with an abusive husband and father; he yells at his kids and wife; dad takes a belt to his son for forgetting to do his chores; man grabs and hits his wife who ends up with a black eye; dad takes belt off in another scene and frightens kids; taps son in head; calls son “princess”; man goes and gets drunk man out of truck and then gets into a fight with him and kicks and punches him several times; a depressed man places a rifle under his chin but he doesn’t pull the trigger; man throws a bottle and shoots bottles.


a whole lot of drinking scenes, especially in the first half of the picture as the main character is an alcoholic and frequents the bars and is seen almost constantly for a time with beer or whiskey; man drives drunk; drunk man has his young son who doesn’t own a driver’s license drive him home; alcoholic man does seek help later on; others seen drinking; one character frequently smokes or has a cigarette in his hand or mouth; smoking of cigarettes and cigar; woman has bloody nose from sniffing cocaine but seeks help; a comment about drinking and “getting blow”; comments about being drunk and a man who drank himself into a coma (not true but he is passed out).




a man lies on the phone at bar and tells a woman looking for her husband that he isn’t there; man has vomit on shirt; a couple of characters spit; man says he doesn’t believe in religion and prayer but in some inspirational scenes he prays later on; death and grief; a man shakes fist toward the sky and tells god he is mad but he finally accepts a circumstance and moves on with his life.


Limited Theatrical Release – “Deep In The Heart” is the true story of a Texas man, Richard “Dick” Wallrath, whose personal demons caused him to hit rock bottom. After loosing everything — jobs, his family, hope — Dick found faith, picked himself up and trudged on to eventually earn back the love of his children, build a successful window company and become the highest all-time individual donor to Texas 4-H and Future Farmers of America. Wallrath’s story proves hope is found “Deep In The Heart.”

This is the true story of an alcoholic man who fights his demons and refocuses himself on ‘giving back’ by putting kids through college. Guiding him is a spiritual figure known only as ‘The Bearded Man’ who teaches him that faith brings second chances.

Movie Message

You know that Dick Wallrath (played very convincingly by Jon Gries) has a drinking problem when he comes home drunk and soon learns that one of his kids put Kool-Aid in his bourbon bottle. He goes off like lightning and thunder on his wife and kids. He is an abusive husband and father, and during the first half of the film we see him constantly drinking, smoking, getting into a fight, and losing his temper.

Later on, when his wife has left him and the kids become teens and want nothing to do with him he realizes that what his mother told him is true. He needs God in his life. Dick begins attending AA meetings and soon develops a faith in God and he even prays the Serenity Prayer. He also lands a job as a salesman for Champion Windows and finds he has the talent to run his own company.

The film is inspiring, showing Dick slowly begin to reconnect with his children and even finding happiness in the romance department, but the content is graphic and strong including many utterances of strong language, and a few sexual innuendos, not to mention a lot of drinking and smoking scenes. The violence level hits a three in our content rating as well. For these reasons, we cannot award the movie our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal but due to its strong faith message, we believe it qualifies for our Faith-Based Seal, which is specifically for movies with a faith message that contain strong and realistic content. It’s also interesting to note that this film is based on a true story.

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