Hearts Beat Loud

MPAA Rating:
97 mins
Nick Offerman, Kiersey Clemons, Ted Danson
Brett Haley
Burn Later Productions Houston King ProductionsPark Pictures

Content at a Glance


sam (a girl) is in a romantic relationship with another girl. numerous scenes of them kissing. other characters kiss. a brothel is mentioned.


d–n, ass, d–k-head, and others.


No Information


smoking, drinking, and discussion of marijuana use


No Information


No Information



A father and a daughter find unexpected success during a summer of songwriting before she leaves for college.

Movie Message

The Dove Take:
Swirling with emotion, confusion, and hope, Hearts Beat Loud captures the raw messiness of life as a father and daughter connect and heal through music.

Hearts Beat Loud doesn’t shy away from how complicated life can be for a dad and daughter.
Frank Fischer (Nick Offerman) is a nostalgic widower and owner of a failing record shop. He adores his daughter Sam (Kiersey Clemons), who has big dreams of going to medical school. The two find joy in playing music together—one of the only interests they still have in common. When a song the pair records on a whim becomes a hit, they have a choice to make—a hard choice between two good things.

Frank and Sam discover a deep and beautiful connection as they share original songs with one another. Sam’s songs tell of confusion, love, grief, revealing a hole in her heart that she is desperately trying to fill. Frank’s songs reveal his insecurities as a father and give a peek into the conflicted soul of a sacrificial and cheerful dad. These songs tap into an undercurrent of pain and internal struggle that is covered by a facade of “everything’s okay.” Sam and Frank begin to see each other in a different light, bringing tears to the audience’s eyes.

Due to the mature themes of identity, grief, and sexuality (Sam’s search for fulfillment involves sexual confusion that manifests as lesbianism), Hearts Beat Loud is not Dove Approved. Still, this film is impactful and thought-provoking. It shows the importance of protecting the connection you have with those you love most, emphasizes how critical identity is, and how desperate life becomes without hope.

Faith: 0
Integrity: 4 Emphasizes close family bonds, healthy grieving, and pursuit of dreams
Language: 2 D–n, ass, d–k-head, and others
Sex: 4 Sam (a girl) is in a romantic relationship with another girl. Numerous scenes of them kissing. Other characters kiss. A brothel is mentioned.
Nudity: 0 none
Violence: 0 none
Drugs: 2 Smoking, drinking, and discussion of marijuana use
Other: 0 none

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