Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

MPAA Rating:
105 mins
Chris Pine,Kevin Costner,Keira Knightley
Kenneth Branagh
David Barron

Content at a Glance


kissing, sex between unmarried couple.


gd-3; g/og-2; j/jc-5; f-1;s-4


helicopter spins out of control and goes down; punching and slapping and kicking of characters; man is held under water in bath tub until he drowns; car crashes and explosions; car goes over bridge; several characters are shot and killed; some blood.


drinking in several scenes; man gives himself a shot; man asks for and takes pain relievers; man mentions vodka.


cleavage; woman’s bare back; shirtless man.


several jump scenes; disrespect shown by a few characters; betrayal; tension between characters as a couple argues and yells at each other; a character has several tattoos.


Based on the character Jack Ryan created by novelist Tom Clancy. The new Ryan film is planned as an origin story, not derived from Clancy’s novels and ultimately featuring an earlier point in his career.

Movie Message

This film version is a beginning tale of sorts, dealing with the young Jack Ryan (Chris Pine). The story opens with him studying Economics in London during the time of 9/11. Soon after Ryan joins the Marines and heads to Afghanistan. He is hurt in a helicopter crash and one thing leads to another with Ryan eventually trying to deal with a Russian terrorist plot. There are several jump scenes in the film and a few edge-of-your-seat moments.

Chris Pine brings intensity and youthful rawness to the role and it is a shame that, despite the action and interesting story, that the content in language, sex and violence miss the mark so that we can’t award this movie our Dove Seal.

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