Jump Rope Sprint

MPAA Rating:
Not Rated
80 mins
Sean O'Bryan, Kerris Dorsey, Kim Meyers, Max Gail, Peter Wingfield, David Burke, Brogan Roche and Eamonn Roche
Stephen Ihli
Eric Small, Stephen Ihli

Content at a Glance


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g/omg-5; “wuss”-2


tension between a husband and wife; a man falls a few times while running.


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shirtless men; cleavage; woman runs in t-shirt and swimsuit.


a man who is a bit different says he is the king to the cosmos; a man lies and says he has prize money when he doesn’t in order to get a man to endorse his idea and he says it is not unethical but “positive thinking”; a couple undergoes marriage therapy.


A down-on-his luck middle-aged father tries to redeem himself with his daughter and wife by getting a new sport he invented into the Olympic Games: the JumpRopeSprint 100 meter race.

Movie Message

To the filmmakers’ credit, I didn’t know for a while if this movie was a real genuine documentary or a work of fiction. But the humor and other factors finally made it clear to me that it is a nicely done “acting” job and it features a character, Eddie Ruggles, who is a bit “different” but who still manages to be a good father and husband, well…at least most of the time.

Eddie is a dreamer who previously came up with a fwidget which didn’t sell and now hundreds of them fill his garage. A fwidget is a…well, never mind. His latest brainstorm is to get his invention of “jump rope sprinting” into the Olympics. He even goes after Olympic trainer Buddy Lee and he seeks endorsements and would-be athletes. Although many people are convinced Eddie is not quite right in the head, others love his enthusiasm and back his plan. He winds up in marriage therapy with his wife who continues to love and support him despite her misgivings about his investment plans.

The movie features funny moments and a unique plot for sure. And, Eddie makes a dent in his dream in bigger ways than many of his friends and detractors believed was possible. We are pleased to award this one our Dove Seal.

For All Ages

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