Junior High Spy

MPAA Rating:
Not Rated
87 mins
Christopher Fazio, Mikayla Ottonello, Matthew Downs, Harry Edison, Martha Zimmerman, Dorothy Downs, Chris McAuley, Jessica Ducharme
Mark McNabb, Kelly Rae, Irwin
Mark McNabb, Kelly Rae Irwin

Content at a Glance


husband and wife kiss; a boy makes a few “she’s hot” comments about a teen girl; a boy says a girl is a “heavenly body”; boy and girl kiss.


butt-1; little punk-1; big dummy-1; holy smoke-1; oh my gosh-1


a man grabs a boy by the throat but boy gets away; man grabs man by throat; two men fight in a brief scene.


drinking at a party.


teen girls seen in bikinis and shorts; cleavage.


man seen with tattoos on arms and a skull on t-shirt; a boy’s dad is kidnapped; boy takes golf cart to try to locate dad quickly but he leaves it at the course; a father and son horse around and a glass table is broken; boy tries to pretend he did his homework when he didn’t but his mom knows it and boy confesses.


Ricky Lazio Jr. has always looked up to, and emulated his Dad, who is a FBI agent. When his Dad is abducted and the FBI dismisses his lead as child’s play, Ricky is forced into action as his only hope of being rescued.

Movie Message

This is an adventure for kids and the young in heart! Ricky Lazio has aspirations to be an FBI agent like his dad. When his dad is kidnapped Ricky gets his chance to put into action what he has learned from his father.

There are clues he will have to closely follow but this terrific movie focuses on the loyalty of family and doing what it takes to ensure the safety of those you love. We are pleased to present our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this movie for all ages. Give it a watch soon.

For All Ages

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