Kindness is Contagious

MPAA Rating:
Not Rated
74 mins
James Fowler, Lon Haber, Catherine Ryan Hyde
David Gaz
David Gaz, Sara Glaser, Robert Hensley, Neil Hutchinson, Chane't Johnson, Annelie Wilder

Content at a Glance


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good lord-1; p.o.-1; sucks-2; fart comment-1;


a few archival scenes include police holding back a crowd and it appears an officer shoves a person; smoke bomb goes off; rocks are thrown; some blood is shown as a baby boy's birth is seen.


drinking in a scene


girls in shorts; a baby boy's genitals are seen.


quotes from confucius are mentioned; gandhi and buddhism is mentioned as well as evolution; a person speaks about karma for a moment; sophisticated and mature themes


Movie Message

This documentary does an incredible job of showing that kindness is a virtue that reciprocates and makes the world a better place. Featuring everyday people as well as a mystery novelist, a director of a science center, and a Baptist pastor, everyone agrees: kindness makes a difference in one's life and in the world. Various test results are offered, which powerfully demonstrate that those who are kinder are happier people. A variety of people are shown offering free hugs to others and inevitably the people who are hugged speak of feeling better. And many people state that the Golden Rule is the rule they live by in their lives, treating others as they wish to be treated.

The film is well made, and it features people from diverse walks of life along with survey results and personal testimonies of the people whose lives have been changed. And evidence is given to show that Leo Durocher never actually said, "Nice guys finish last." Another interesting aspect of the film is various people's responses to the question, "What is the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for you?" Some of their answers are amazing. One person speaks of the importance of doing three kindnesses and encouraging the recipient to further spread kindness by doing three kind deeds as well.

The documentary features discussions more suitable for an audience of 12 or above, so we are awarding it our Dove-Approved for Ages 12+ Seal.

The Dove Take

This documentary is to be commended for its use of a tremendous topic—the importance of kindness—and viewers that see it might actually decide to make kindness more of a part of their daily lives. And that, as they say, is a good thing.

For Ages 12 And Over

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